RPCV provide cremation services across central Victoria from our crematorium located on site at the Eaglehawk Remembrance Park. 

Every person deserves individual care in their final journey and our team at RPCV offer a range of services and care that ensures everyone has the opportunity to say goodbye in a respectful and trustful manner, thereby providing peace of mind.

For further information regarding cremations please view our cremations fact sheet here.

Collecting cremated remains

Following the cremation process, you may choose to collect the cremated remains of your loved one from our Eaglehawk Cemetery.

Following the cremation, the ashes are available for collection at our  office within 2 business days. Please contact our customer care team to make a collection appointment prior to visiting the office.

Ashes can be collected from our customer care centre at 5 Victoria Street, Eaglehawk.

How do I know if I need to collect?

When arranging the cremation, you will have nominated whether you will collect the ashes, or whether the funeral director will collect them on your behalf.

If you have nominated your funeral director to collect the ashes on your behalf, they will make arrangements with you directly. If you have nominated to pick up the cremated remains yourself, please read on to understand the collection process.

If you are unsure, check with your funeral director, or refer to the Application for Cremation Authorisation paperwork.

Who can collect the cremated remains?

Only the person who signed the cremation paperwork can collect the ashes. To see who the authorised person is, check the Application for Cremation Authorisation paperwork.

If you have nominated to collect the ashes but would like to give permission for another person to collect on your behalf, you will need to provide a copy of your photo ID, and written permission with your signature. Contact us for more information.

What happens if I do not collect?

RPCV is required to hold the cremated remains for at least 12 months following the cremation. You can find more about this law here.

Please contact us to arrange a collection appointment.

What happens when I collect the remains?

Please bring a copy of your driver’s licence or current photo ID. There is nothing more important than making sure the right person collects the right ashes, and we will need to verify your identity to proceed with the collection.

When you arrive at the sales office you will come into a private appointment room where a member of the customer care team will step you through the process. This can be a difficult time, and we encourage you to take your time.

During this appointment, you will receive a carry bag that contains a cardboard presentation box. Inside this box is a simple plastic urn, and you will need to inspect the label on the urn to confirm the correct ashes are being collected.

Following the collection, you may wish to consider memorialisation of your loved one through purchasing a plaque or an ornamental urn, or arranging a memorial or scattering.