Eaglehawk Remembrance Park

5 Victoria Street, Eaglehawk VIC 3556

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The Government gazette dated 9th December 1863 stated ‘A site for a cemetery at Eaglehawk has been reserved by Order of the Government on 28th September.' The area reserved was 5 acres fronting Reserve Street.

The first recorded burial at the Eaglehawk Remembrance Park is that of 21 year old John Edmond McDonough. He was interred in Grave 1 Section C on 6th July 1864. Today there is still a monument standing that was erected in his memory.

There have been 6 Sextons live in the Sextons Residence formerly located near the front gates of the old monumental section. The cottage was built in the 1870’s and was demolished in the 1970’s.

At approximately 12.14 hectares (30 acres) the Eaglehawk Remembrance Park is slightly smaller than the other two main cemeteries although in common with White Hills, Eaglehawk has sufficient space available to meet demand for earth burials for many years to come.

A Heritage Overlay applies to the historical monumental area of this cemetery.



Eaglehawk Remembrance Park Section Map

A few years ago, the names of the lawn sections at each Remembrance Park were re-named to honour local people of the region that have made a significant contribution to the area. 
The following map reflects both the old naming system and the new named lawn areas:

Eaglehawk Remembrance Park Old-New Reference Guide

Detailed Maps of Sections are also available for Eaglehawk Remembrance Park:

Walker Lawn

Symons Lawns

Eucalypt Lawn

Coulter Lawn

New Monumental Section (P & M)