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How often do we hear ourselves say at the time of someone’s passing 'you will never be forgotten', 'we will always remember you' or 'your memories will live on and stay with us forever' but do we actually honour this commitment to those that have passed?

The friendly staff at Remembrance Parks Central Victoria (RPCV) can assist you in honouring this commitment and more importantly to make sure the memories of a loved one live on into perpetuity.

Keeping with growing community trends and expectations, RPCV have access to a range of cremation urns, big and small, to suit all personalities and styles. Items such as brass and stone urns, cremation pendants and beads and everything in between are available from RPCV

To view our range please click on a catalogue below.

If you have any questions about any of the items you see in the brochures below please contact one of our staff on 1300 266 561 or submit a request using the contact form provided below. 


Cremation Pendants & Beads:

Cremation Jewellery Catalogue


Urn range:

Keep Your Memories Close


A range of display stock can be viewed in our main administration office, located 5 Victoria St, Eaglehawk 3556

Contact us via 1300 266 561 or email