RPCV Volunteers

RPCV volunteers are invaluable in helping the organisation achieve its core objective of providing the highest quality remembrance park services consistent with community needs.

Remembrance parks are a vital component of any region’s heritage and as such are open museums from which we can obtain important information on the development of an area, RPCV is ever mindful of the important role it plays as custodian of such a valuable yet fragile remnant of our past.

The location, size and data contained on monuments can provide details such as family structure and longevity, infant mortality and epidemics. Intelligence on religious, ethnic and social backgrounds can also be gathered from these memorials.

The RPCV Volunteer Program is a group of dedicated individuals who contribute countless hours to furthering community awareness of the rich heritage embodied in our cemeteries.


Remembrance Parks - Central Victoria is constantly looking for new volunteers to come and volunteer for us, if you would like to volunteer please contact the office on 1300 266 561 or alternatively email enquiries@rpcv.com.au.